Fee overview

If you choose our service, you will be charged $85 USD (the 20$ USD processing fee charged by the Uzbek authority is already included – this is the price for a single entry visa) when you complete your order. Depending on which type of visa you choose, the fees can varry but our basis service fee stays the same (only the added government processing fee increases). The fee is different from the fees payable when you submit your visa application directly to the Uzbek authorities using the official webiste. In the following overview we will show you the added value of our services and the benefits you will receive by purchasing our Uzbek Visa Service.

Our service includes:

Full support

Support via Email and Livechat, seven days a week, 12 hours a day

We are there when you need us

If you need help with your application or have questions about your already approved Uzbek visa you can contact us at any time. At the moment we offer support via email and live chat.

Full refund in case of rejection

If your application is rejected, we guarantee a full refund

Your application fee is secured!

Applications for Uzbek visas can be rejected. Should this happen in your case, we will not only offer you our advice on how to proceed, we will also refund the full fees ($75 USD) you have paid for our service.

Manual review of your application

Our support team knows the Uzbek visa application like the back of their hand

Your application is in good hands!

The application for an Uzbekistan visa may seem simple at first glance, it offers many opportunities for careless mistakes. Our support staff check each application manually and correct errors.

Correspondence with the authorities

If there are any open questions to clarify, we are happy to take over for you.

We will take care of it for you!

The authority may have further questions about your application or you may have inquiries about your application or visa. We will take care of the correspondence and represent you and your case.